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Clay pottery

Beautiful handmade pots

You can make a dramatic or subtle statement on your patio, terrace, or backyard with our garden pottery.

Our shop has a large inventory of gorgeous items imported from all around the world. The pots we offer come in a huge range of different shapes and sizes. They are also made out of a variety of different materials.

Our pottery selection

  • Talavera pottery

  • Mexican clay pots

  • Concrete Planters

  • Decorative pottery

  • And more

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Come from all over

We offer fountains and statuary from 7 different manufactures.

You won’t be able find our items anywhere else in the area.

We also offer fantastic prices on all of our statues.

We have been collecting and selling items for over 35 years.  

Stop by our shop or call us to learn more about our inventory.

Our pot selection ranges from colorful Talavera pots to glazed, concrete, rustic, and even animal figurines. They allow you to grow plants in places that might be otherwise impossible.

Largest selection of clay pottery in Baton Rouge.